The beautiful island-nation of Cyprus is located in the south-eastern basin of the Mediterranean sea, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus offers a modern cosmopolitan society with a combination of superb scenery of high mountain ranges, breath-taking coastlines and sunny beaches, an a historical and archaeological heritage of ten thousand years make the island the ideal place to live and study.

Cyprus enjoys warm dry summer with an average temperature of 35°C (96°C) and rainy mild winters with an average temperature of 8°C (42°C). Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant.

The Republic of Cyprus is a member of European Union since2004, thus bringing Europe to Middle East and the rest of the world. Having emerged as one of the region’s leading business and financial centers, the island enjoys competitive advantages in areas such as tourism, consultancy, telecommunications, realty, property development, shipping, banking and insurance.

Cyprus provides an ideal setting for higher learning. It is no wonder that it has become a major international education center, attracting scholars and students from all over the world. This cultural diversity makes it a forum for international understanding and peace.

Above all, Cyprus is characterized by warmth and hospitality of its people. This quality, along with aforementioned factors, makes the island an attractive destination to tourist, businessmen and students from around the world.


After completing the application from you will also need to submit by post or scan and email, the following ;
A photocopy of your passport which includes all information such as name, date of birth, passport number passport issue date and expiry date. The passport must be valid for at least 2 years from the date of your application.
Your secondary and higher secondary school certificates and grades or the High School Leaving Certificates and Grades. Both translated into English and also attested.
A medical report stating that you are free from any illness, especially HIV 1,2, Hepatitis B.C. and syphilis.
A chest X-Ray report.
Police clearance certificate that will state that you are clear from any criminal convictions.
An application fee of € 150 (this fee is not refundable and it is not included in the tuition fee).
An bank certificate that which will state your sponsor’s name, your relationship with sponsor ( is the sponsor your mother, father, uncle etc. ) and the certificate should also state that the sponsor is able and willing to support your studies and expenses abroad.
5 passport size photographs

After the college receives your documents and application fee, your application will processed, if successful, it will be sent to Migration Authorities for approval.
When the Migration Authorities have examined and approved the documents then the visas will be issued. In cases where Cyprus has an embassy in your country, students will be required to attend the embassy for a visa interview. In cases where Cyprus does not have an embassy in your country, then the visa will be issued in the Cyprus.

€150 application fee must be sent with the application form. Applications that do not have the application fee, will not be processed.
After the documents have been approved by the Migration Authorities students will have to transfer the full amount of € 3200. ( This amount is fixed by the Migration Authorities and is not on based on the tuition fees ).

When the student receives a visa a fixed date when to arrive in Cyprus will also be stated.
In case where the visa is issued at the embassy, students must hold on the following upon arrival:
All education certificates with the stamp of the embassy on them.
The original police clearance letter together with the stamp of the embassy.
Minimum € 2000 cash in hand.
The original bank solvency letter together with the stamp of embassy.
College registration letter.
Bank transfer receipt and the college receipt.
In case where the visa issued in Cyprus, students must hold the following upon arrivals :
Copy of all educational certificates.
Copy of original police clearance letter.
Copy of the original bank solvency letter.
Minimum € 2000 cash in hand.
College registration letter.
Bank transfer receipt and the college receipt.
Copy of the visa sent by the college.